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Step 1: About EssayState opens its homepage with a colorful and eye-catching homepage which is logically laid out and has a wealth of information on it. A relative newcomer to the crowded field of academic writing, reviews confirm that it has been making quite a name for itself since it was launched onto the marketplace. It’s principle unique selling point, is that it is not just confined to student writing, as many such companies are; EssayState also deals with business writing, and job seekers, and recruitment. Step 2: Quality of Products and Services As EssayState reviews attest, the academic services offered by the service are comprehensive and on par with most other competing essay writing companies. Where EssayState score is with their services for business; web content, blog writing, product and sales descriptions, writing copy and advertisements, newsletters and social media, also SEO, (Search Engine Optimisation) and many other commercial applications. For job seekers, EssayState offers: writing services for CVs and resumes, cover letters, and “on spec” communications such as emails and prospecting letters. Customer services are available 24/7 and are very knowledgeable and helpful across the whole spectrum of enquiries and queries. They did not have to resort to asking supervisory staff or consult any manuals or cheat sheets. Step 3: Writers and Support All of the EssayState team of writers are specialised and qualified in their respective subjects. Academic qualifications for the academic authors, commercial awards and citations for the business and commercial writers, and Human Resources skills and certificates for recruitment, and resume writing and job applications. EssayState testimonials are very ardent in their praise of these newer services as well as the established academic ones. All authors are tested thoroughly before hire to confirm that their qualifications are sound and that they are practical and able to complete work on time and with the quality expected. We hire only fluent English speakers for whom it is a first language. This ensures that the nuances and quirks are fully utilised and understood. All papers and essays; indeed all EssayState work, is custom-written and original and is tested for plagiarism before it is handed over to the client. Review comments of the service agree that this is an aspect of the service which they are confident in and happy with. Step 4: Prices prices are keen and very competitive. For example, a 10-page academic writing paper, with a deadline of 14 days at undergraduate level, works out at $189.90 before any discounting. It is possible to pay extra for the hiring of top ten writers and VIP support. Custom approach and VIP packages are also available at extra cost. Payment is by completing a simple order form and all major credit cards as well as PayPal payment are accepted. The site is encrypted and secure, and client details are never disclosed to third parties in any connection. Access for customers is via a username and password system. Essay State scam or fraud is deemed to be very unlikely in company’s review write ups. Step 5: Additional Features and Discounts EssayState discount rates only kick in after leaving an email address and after reaching the PayPal payment form. An initial discount of 15% is available immediately with an EssayState promo code shown on the web page. coupon codes are also available. Lifetime discounts are also available in two ways; 5% is available for a spend of $399 or for 15 pages, 10% for $599 or 50 pages and 15% after $799 or 100 pages are ordered. There are also discount codes for extra deals which are enabled from time to time on the website. These are on an, “as and when basis” and are not guaranteed. A package of free features is given with each paper – this is worth $86 – and consists of title, reference and outline pages, a plagiarism report, formatting of the copy and unlimited revisions to the work. With regard to additional features; there is an interesting free blog page which is available even for non-clients to enjoy. There is also an Essay State ratings panel which links to online review sites such as Sitejabber, Manta, Glassdoor, and Trustpilot. This gives an indication of the ratings scores and satisfaction levels deduced by independent sources. Essay Writing Service Review

FlashEssays is an online academic writing service that provides assistance to high school and college students all over the world. What makes them stand out from the crowd is the fact that they specifically seek to provide help to non-English speaking students who might have the knowledge and understanding of the subjects they are studying, but might not have the best English writing skills. The company provides all of the academic writing services that students might need. This includes essay and research paper writing, thesis and dissertations, college admissions essays, and more. Resume and CV writing services are offered as well. In order to successfully complete a helpful review, we spent a bit of time investigating by reading FlashEssay testimonials, reading other customer FlashEssay reviews, consuming content on the company’s website, and investigative whether or not Flash Essays scam turned up any alarming search results. Of course, the most important part of our Flash Essays review was ordering a college level essay. Quality of Products and Services There is no doubt that the most important elements in conducting this review are the quality of writing and the level of customer service. After all, that is what customers will be paying for. On both counts, our experience with Flash Essay was absolutely spot on. The essay we ordered was somewhat complex, an essay for a college junior on the topic of the social ramifications of 24 hour news coverage. We received the essay on time and were very impressed with the insightful writing and lack of mistakes. The company claims to use writers who are native English speakers and we believe this is the truth based on our experiences.     Writers And Support Each time we communicated with our writer and with customer support, our questions were answered and we were treated with respect and professionalism. Our writer asked good questions and made very helpful suggestions about our essay. When we approached customer service with questions about the website and the billing process, we received prompt and accurate responses. It was nice to deal with friendly professionals. Prices The full price for the essay we purchased was about $15 per page. In the academic writing industry, this is a perfectly reasonable rate. When we took a moment to consider the level of quality and service we got for that price, it was clear to us that we got an amazing deal. We would have paid more if we requested a faster turn around time, ordered extra products, or requested a more advanced writer. Even then though, the prices are absolutely more than reasonable. We made note of the fact that many of their customers gave great Flash Essay ratings on the pricing structure. prices are definitely a strong selling point for Additional Features And Discounts When we placed our order, we were pleased to learn that there was a FlashEssay promo code that we could use to save 15 percent on our order. This FlashEssay discount was a thank you for being first time customers. There are also other coupon codes for customer loyalty and for those who place large orders. These discounts are great, but ultimately they are icing on the cake. It is the quality of products and services that really bring things home for Flash Essay. Of course, it is worth mentioning that as a bonus, there is some really great blog content offered on the website. It covers a variety of topics that are of interest to high school and college students, and is extremely well written. Essay Writing Service Review

This review has been prepared as a part of our mission to bring to consumers true and objective information about online writing services. We are hoping to provide this information so that people can make good decisions about the writing companies they decide to use. We use the same criteria to review and evaluate all writing services – information we find on the website, GloriousEssays testimonials published on that site, customer reviews and comments found elsewhere on the Internet, and the evaluation of a research paper that we order. This is the Glorious Essays review that is a summary of our investigation. About Glorious GloriousEssays offers a full product line of academic writing – essays, papers, book reviews, research projects, presentations, case studies – just about anything a student from high school through a graduate or professional program might need, including theses and dissertations. Other academic services include editing, admissions essays, coursework assignments in courses such as science and math, and test-taking. For career-seeking professionals, it provides resume and CV creation; for e-commerce needs, it has a full array of content writing and marketing campaigns. Quality of Products and Services Assessing the quality of Glorious Essays products involves reviewing sample writing present on its site, studying GloriousEssays reviews written by customers, and evaluating a research paper that we ordered for this purpose. Customer comments are highly favorable and speak to a high quality of writing, good selection of resources, and final products which earned good grades. The research paper we ordered confirmed these customers’ comments. It was structurally sound, well-written, cited perfectly, and the selected were suitable for the university level. In terms of services, reviews from customers state that their products are delivered on time, that revision requests are honored, and that their instructions ae followed. We found the same to be the case. Writers and Support The site explains that it carefully screens its writer candidates. They must submit their academic credentials, writing samples, and produce an original assigned piece. They are categorized according to degree fields and levels, and are then assigned to orders as their qualifications merit. Of course, writer quality is best evaluated by product quality, and quality is high. The customer support is promoted as being open 24/7/365. We confirmed this by contacting them in all three ways (phone, live chat and email) at several different times. In each instance, our questions were answered well. Additional support is provided by a personal account that allows communication with one’s writer and the ability to check on an order’s progress. Another aspect of support is the provision of free revisions. We requested a minor revision on the paper we ordered, and it was immediately completed and returned at no charge.   Prices prices are average for the industry. From $12.99/page for a high school essay up to $40.00 /page for doctoral research works, prices are based upon the type of writing, the academic level of the customer, and the deadline urgency. Our ordered paper, with a 7-day deadline and at the university academic level, was $132.40 before the newcomer discount was applied     Additional Features and Discounts Glorious Essays offers a number of benefits, including plagiarism reports, free revisions, and a number of free pages – title, bibliography, outline, and table of contents. The personal account feature allows customers to keep in touch with their writers and to review drafts for approval. Glorious Essays discounts are published on the site and graduate with increasing numbers of orders that customers place, up to 15%. There are also VIP discounts for customers who place very large orders and who have become long-term clients. Newcomers receive a GloriousEssays discount of 15% by using the GloriousEssays promo code published all over the site. The code is entered on the order form for the discount to apply. Customers may also sign up for email notifications of special sales and discounts, and they will be given coupon codes in order to take advantage of them. A Final Word Glorious Essays ratings in all categories of evaluation are quite high. We have therefore assigned an overall rating of “Superior” to this writing service.

WriteMyEssay.Biz Essay Writing Service Review

Step 1: About WriteMyEssay.Biz Let’s begin this WritemyEssay.Biz review with some general information about the company and the products and service that it offers. To begin with, this Write My Essay review is being written after we have done some exhaustive research. We ordered an essay from the company, read WriteMyEssay reviews posted by consumers, explored the company’s website, and even did research to determine whether or not there has been any reports of Write My Essay scam. We learned that this company is an academic writing service. They offer they common academic papers that one would expect from a writing service of this type. These include, essays, admissions essays, dissertation and thesis proposals, research papers, and more. We did not find anything remarkable to note about the services offered. No business or resume writing services are available, however the company does offer proofreading, editing, and formatting of academic papers. Step 2: Quality of Products And Services We ordered a 4 page essay, to be written by a writer with a Masters degree. We selected a due date of 10 days, and asked that the topic be an essay about subplots in To Kill a Mockingbird. We received our finished essay on the 11th day. This was technically within the given timeframe, but we were a bit surprised that such a simple paper took so long. To put it bluntly. We were not impressed with the quality. The writer clearly did not read or understand the instructions. What we received was a generic paper on To Kill a Mockingbird. It was full of errors and contained no information on subplots. Unfortunately, there were other WriteMyEssay.Biz reviews that seemed to mirror our experience. Good quality control is clearly lacking here. There is no room for that in the world of academic writing. A student’s academic career could really depend on these kinds of services, and frankly it angers us when things are so subpar. Step 3: Writers And Support Our writer was quite polite through the entire process. We just have strong doubts about their qualificiations. Perhaps they haven’t received enough training. When it came to customer service, we felt as if we were being stonewalled when we requested our revision. That’s a shame, because good customer service is such an important component of this business. Step 4: Prices Because of a WriteMyEssay promo code, we paid 14.99 per page. That’s a pretty average price, so it didn’t really feel as if we were truly receiving a WritemyEssay discount. Overall, we found prices to be on the high end of average. This might not be problematic if there weren’t so many issues with service and quality. It is too bad that the services aren’t better. This would justify the slightly elevated prices. Step 5: Additional Features And Discounts We were not able to find much in the way of extras on the website. If there is a blog or WriteMyEssay testimonials, they are not very easy to find. We searched the internet and did find some Write My Essay ratings. Many were below average. We were also unable to find a discounts page or a WriteMyEssay.Biz coupon code. Sadly, all of this means that we have to advise that students avoid using this writing service. The quality of writing is below any reasonable standard, customer support is rude and dismissive, and the prices are not in line with quality. There needs to be a very large overhaul of this writing service’s standard operating procedures before we could even begin to consider giving them our thumbs up. Essay Writing Service Review

Our goal is to provide consumers with the very best available information regarding online writing services. In order to do this, we select a writing service and then conduct a thorough investigation of all aspects of the company, its products and its service to customers. This review has been prepared following the same assessment procedures and criteria that we use for all of our reviews. We have conducted a complete Premier Essay review of the website and all of its content; we have evaluated the types of product and services that are offered. We have reviewed PremierEssay testimonials found on the site itself, as well as those found elsewhere on the Internet – on consumer review sites and on social media. We have also ordered a research paper in order to gauge quality product. The following categories of review are now provided. About Among writing services, this company is a relative newcomer. However, in its short time in existence, it has already made quite a “splash” among customers. It is a U.S.-based company that focuses primarily on academic writing products for students at all grade levels. However, it also offers editing and re-writing services, resume and CV writing and editing, and full copywriting services for e-commerce businesses and organizations, including website content, blog maintenance, social media profiles, press releases, and all areas of content marketing campaigns. The website itself is easily navigated, with links to all of its important elements, along with sample writings and a great blog with many posts of interest.     Quality of Products and Services Determining quality of products depends in large part on the PremierEssay reviews of customers who have used the service and received writing products. To locate such customers, we scoured the web to find comment and feedback that customers have published. What we did find were generally positive reports, indicating that the products were well-written, well-researched, and composed in a style that was appropriate for the academic level of the customer. We ordered a college-level research paper with a 7-day deadline and some very specific instructions regarding resources to be used. We received the paper in six days and it more than met our expectations for quality – well-researched, well-organized, well-written, and formatted exactly as requested. Adding our experience to the reviews that we read elsewhere, we can state that this writing service does a fine job of meeting the writing needs of its clients. Quality of service is best evaluated by assessing the commitment of the company to following customer instructions, to making on-time deliveries, and to the level of communication that a customer has with his/her writer. In all of these categories, we were quite pleased with our experience. We were given an account page and were able to message our writer with additional instructions. S/he responded quickly and had a few questions of us as well. When we received our final draft, we were reminded that we could request revisions if we wished; we did not need any, but it was good to know that this was offered free of charge. The company obviously believes in maintaining good communication structures. Writers and Support The quality of writers is evaluated by what the company says about its hiring policies and, of course, the quality of the products that those writers produce. The company states that writers must present verifiable proof of degrees and then submit to a writing assignment in their content fields. The company accepts no one with less than a bachelor’s degree and assigns customer order based upon the degrees and degree levels of the writers. Premier Essay states that it has a large staff of writing professionals, and that new writers are given easy assignments, so that their levels of expertise and composition may be evaluated by the Quality Assurance team. Customer support is available 24/7/365. We tested this by calling and chatting with customer service reps at all hours of the day and night. Always, we were able to converse with a live person who seemed to be very knowledgeable and who could answer our questions. Prices prices range from $14.99/page for a basic high school essay to $47.99/page for doctoral level research work with a tight deadline. We find these prices to be well within the average range for high quality writing services. Our order, an 8-page research paper with 4 references, due in 7 days was priced at $132.40 before a new customer PremierEssay discount of 15%. Additional Features and Discounts One great feature is the presentation of a free plagiarism report with each order. This is a huge stress reliever to anxious students who worry about plagiarism when they use online writing services. There are also free pages, including title, table of contents, bibliography and outlines. Premier Essay discounts are in place. As stated earlier we were provided a 15% newcomer discount with a PremierEssay promo code to use on our order form. Additional discounts are based upon total number of pages that a customer orders, and they accumulate and graduate based upon that. Customer are urged to sign up for the email announcements, because the company offers special discounts and sales at various times during the year. Customers will receive coupon codes through these emails. A Final Word For a newcomer, Premier Essay has come on the scene well. Based upon our experience and the Premier Essay ratings provided by other satisfied customers, we have assigned an overall rating of “Superior.” Essay Writing Service Review

Step 1: About RushEssays was founded, according to their website, approximately 15 years ago. They offer students high quality academic writing services. In doing the research for our review, we took a look at the specific services offered by this content provider. We found that they offered the standard academic papers that are offered by others services. These include, essays, research papers, term papers, annotated bibliographies, thesis and dissertation services, book reports, research summaries, and case studies. They also offer resume and CV services, proofreading, and editing. We did not find evidence that they offered scholarship, admissions essay, or personal statement services on the home page. Step 2: Quality of Products and Services Before we talk about what we uncovered in our Rush Essay review, here is some information about our methodology. We visited the website and input an order for a research paper, 10 pages long, using 4 resources. The subject was chemistry and the topic was GMOs. There was no option to pick a grade level. We were given the choice to pay extra for a more advanced writer. We did not take that option. Placing the order was exceptionally easy. Unfortunately, this was largely because the order form simply does not collect information that could result in the production of better papers. Here are the results of the order that we placed: We received the paper a full day before it was due. The grammar and spelling was okay, but there were some odd word choices and phrasing issues. We believe it is possible that the writing was done by a person who has not fully mastered the English language. One of the four sources came from a source that was decidedly not scholarly. We looked online for RushEssay reviews. Many of the reviews were good, however there was a noticeable theme among the negative reviews. Almost every negative reviews mentioned late delivery of documents and writers who failed to respond to communications. There are testimonials on the company website. Those are, unsurprisingly, all positive. Step 3: Writers and Support In spite of what we had read in other reviews, our writer was actually quite prompt in responding to us. They sent us a brief greeting the day after receiving our order, and answered two other messages quickly. Unfortunately, we did notice some issues with their written English. We called customer service in the middle of the night to ask a question and were able to speak with a knowledgeable individual within a few minutes. Step 4: Prices Our chemistry research paper cost $229. There were no upgrades that were chosen. This is higher than what we have found on other websites. Considering that the product we received was less than stellar and we did not receive any extra products or services, we believe that prices are significantly higher than they should be. Step 5: Additional Features and Discounts Rush Essay offers a few premium services such as VIP support, the ability to choose a top 10 writer, and proofreading done by a staff editor. Each of these is a premium service and we did not use any of them. We were unable to locate much information about these additional features in other reviews. Because of this, we presume that they are delivered as ordered. Customers who use this service can avail themselves to one of many Rush Essay discounts. There is a link on the home page to their discounts policy. There are also links in multiple locations to specific discount offers. There is currently a ‘Step Up’ discount for loyal customers that involves increasing savings the more orders that are placed. One of the other available RushEssay discounts is 15% off on first time orders. We searched on Google for coupon codes and Rush Essay promo code. We did find offers on other websites, but did not investigate the veracity of those offers. We recommend anybody using these coupons verify them with the writing service before using them.     Final Rush Essay Ratings We give an overall rating of fair to poor. This is due both to our experiences and several Rush Essay testimonials and reviews that we found on the internet. The biggest factor for us was the quality of the final product and the inability of the writer to locate and use proper resources. in placing an order. In addition to this, we believe that the writer assigned to our research paper is lacking in some basic skills that should be required of any writer working for a content writing service. This includes the ability to do proper research that was mentioned above, and the ability to skillfully use the English language when writing a paper intended for use by a college student. Essay Writing Service Review

This review is provided as a part of a larger effort to assess and evaluate some of the more well-known and often-used online writing services. Our purpose is to give consumers accurate and objective information about each writing service, so that they can make informed decisions as they select those they wish to use.  As with all of our commentaries, the Smart Paper Help review is based upon our investigation of a number of factors including the content we find on the website, the ease of use of the site, SmartPaperHelp testimonials contained therein, reviews and comments by customers that we found on other web-based sources, the products offered and their quality, customer service, and the results of our order of a research paper at the university-level. What follows is a summary of our findings. About SmartPaperHelp focuses the bulk of its products and services on academic needs of students at all study levels, high school through doctoral programs. It provides virtually any type of course writing assignment from essays through dissertations, as well as editing and admissions essays. Help with difficult coursework assignments in math and science fields as well as multiple-choice question test-taking round out its academic products and services. For career professionals, the company provides resume and CV creation, and for e-commerce businesses, there is a full range of copywriting services from website design through content marketing campaigns and strategies. Quality of Products and Services To determine the level of product quality, we have relied upon SmartPaperHelp reviews that we have found on the web, the product samples provided on the website, and the quality of a research paper which we ourselves ordered and received. Customer reviews are all quite positive, stating that the essays, papers, and other written products are of high quality and reflect sound research, structure and composition/style. Those who prepared comments about the resume, CV and copywriting services are equally as pleased. Relative to services, reviews indicate that instructions are precisely followed, that there is good communication with the site and personally assigned writers, and that delivery deadlines are met. Further, customers who have asked for revisions to their final drafts have received them in a timely manner at no extra charge. Writers and Support The background, expertise, and skill of the writers is ultimately determined by the quality of the products they produce. The site states that all writers possess credible degrees, are native English-speakers and receive assignments based upon their specific qualifications. Given that customers are pleased with their products, it appears that this is working well and that writers are skilled in their content fields and in the process of research and writing itself. The research paper we received was academically sound, well-researched, written at a level that would be worthy of a good grade in a university classroom, and in compliance with all of our instructions. Customer support relates to the availability of company representatives when customers have questions or problems, and the reliability of the responses that customers receive. We contacted the company by phone, email and live chat and were able to receive quick responses at a variety of times, day and night. Further we were able to communicate with our writer on several occasions as our paper was being produced. Prices prices fall within the average range of comparable writing services. A basic high school essay begins at $14.99/page, and prices rise as genres change and academic levels rise up to $47.99/page for doctorate level research works. Deadline requirements also impact pricing. Our 8-page college research paper, with 4 resources and a 7-day deadline was priced at $119.92 before the 15% discount we were provided as a new customer. Additional Features and Discounts A number of free benefits are provided, to include a plagiarism report, formatting, and free title, bibliography, table of contents and outline pages. The Smart Paper Help discounts are published on a separate link. Here, customers can read about the percentage discounts they receive as they place additional orders. These discounts range from 5 – 15%. There is also a VIP program with higher discounts and a number of special sale pricing that is offered through coupon codes customers receive when they sign up for email notifications. New customers will find a SmartPaperHelp discount provided with their first order, published on several pages of the site, along with a SmartPaperHelp promo code to enter in the order form. Final Word We have found that, based upon our evaluation of this writing service, we can assign a Smart Paper Help ratings of “Superior” for all aspects that we have investigated. Essay Writing Service Review

Step 1: About CustomWritings is an academic writing service that serves students from the high school level thru graduate school. Due to conflicting information on their website, we were not able ascertain, with authority, how long they have been in business. It is stated on the website that the company opened 8 years ago, however another page within the site that states 10 years. As we conducted our review, we found that they offered the standard selection of academic writing services. These include: essays, research projects, lab reports, summaries and proposals, papers, presentations, admissions and scholarship essays, movie and book reviews, case studies, critiques, analyses, coursework assignments, annotated bibliographies, grant writing, and finally, thesis and dissertation assistance. The website also offers students proofreading and editing services. Navigational links at the bottom of the page lead to pages giving fairly detailed descriptions of these services. Step 2: Quality of Products and Services Here is what we learned, through our Custom Writings Review. Our method of conducting the review was to place an order for an undergraduate level research paper. We chose to upgrade to an advanced level writer, a length of 10 pages, and 4 resources. The process of placing an order went relatively smoothly, however we were a bit frustrated that the selection options were all in alphabetical order. A fair amount of time and scrolling would have been saved if the more popular options had been filtered to the top. We received the research paper before its deadline, and found it to be original. It was the correct number of pages, and the writer had used the proper number of resources. Unfortunately, there were several areas of concern. They are as follows: We found that 2 of the 4 resources would have been better suited for a high school research paper, not a 3rd or 4th year undergraduate document. There were several grammatical errors that should have been easily caught by a standard spelling and grammar checking app. The 10th page was only 85% filled, which could be an issue for some instructors. The CustomWritings reviews that we found online ranged from fair to above average. Several of the reviews we found also made mention of writing being decent, but just not up to par. We feel the assessment in these customer written reviews is pretty valid. We did note that the testimonials that appeared on the website were all positive. Step 3: Writers and Support We had very limited contact with our writer. We received an initial confirmation and greeting message within an hour or so after placing our order. Then, the writer contacted us about 48 hours into the project with a request for clarification on our instructions. Both communications were professional, cordial, and brief. We also chatted briefly with a customer service agent through live chat when we had a question about payment. That experience was also pleasant Step 4: Prices The total price of our paper was $210 dollars. This price included an upgrade to an ‘advanced’ writer. If the quality of the final product had been better, we would say that prices were on par with industry standards. Unfortunately, as it stands we do believe that we overpaid for the product that we received.     Step 5: Additional Features and Discounts offers many of the same bonus products and services offered by most writing websites. These include offers to spin papers through a plagiarism checker, rushed delivery, and the opportunity to download a sample paper from a staff writer. We did not opt to purchase any of these when we placed our order. However, we can state that we found no evidence that any of these additional features were not delivered as promised to the customers who did order them. We did not find any links to Custom Writings discounts on the home page. However, when we left the site and searched on Google, we did find a link to a blog post announcing that a discount program had been deactivated. The post included a link to a pricing page with information on applying for CustomWritings discounts. This new discount program is essentially a progressive lifetime discount that increases according to the total amount of money spent. We also found a third party website that offered coupon codes. We were not able to determine if these were valid or not.  We did not find a Custom Writings promo code. Final Custom Writings Ratings We give this writing service an overall rating of poor. The negatives that we found were in the quality of writing (which was further backed by Custom Writings Testimonials on other websites), slight difficulty in placing an order, and the fact that we had to navigate to find information on discounts. Essay Writing Service Review

CoolEssay is a writing services that has been in business from 3 – 5 years. We were unable to locate an actual startup year on the site, but other clues provide this general information. We have conducted this review in the same manner as we conduct all of our writing service reviews – by gathering all of the information we can from the site itself, including products and services offered, by reviewing the CoolEssay testimonials found on the website, by reading the reviews and comments of customers that have been posted elsewhere on the web, and by evaluating the quality of a research paper that we ordered ourselves. All of these factors are included in the Cool Essay review that follows. Step 1: About The company provides academic writing of every type to students at every level of study. These products include most everything from basic essays through Ph.D. dissertation chapters. As well, it provides business products that include resumes/CV’s, cover letters, and content writing for web-based needs. Its other services include editing, proofreading and re-writing. The website is organized with links at the top of the landing page for the most common information. Footer pages include specific types of writing, policies, discounts, and a blog. Content on the web pages is of concern. While the company states that it uses only native English-speaking writers, the text is very poorly written with numerous structural and word usage errors. We found the same issues with the blog posts. It appears that the content has been written by a non-native speaker. Step 2: Quality of Products and Services To determine the quality of products, we reviewed the site-based customer testimonials as well as reviews found elsewhere. While the site testimonials were all positive, other customers did provide some negative comments. These related to quality of writing, and some were also concerned about the resources that were used for research works. The felt that the resource choices were not appropriate for the academic level of the work. Our experience with the paper we ordered was similar to that of other customers. We are not at all certain that a native-English speaking writer was used. We did, however, receive the paper on time, as did other customers who provided reviews and comments. We did request revisions, and these were prepared as requested. We found no CoolEssay scam tactics in our dealings with the company, no were there any reported by other customers. Step 3: Writers and Support Very little information is provided about the writers other than statement to the effect that they were all native-English speaking professionals from the U.S., UK, Canada and Australia and that they all possessed either Master’s or Ph.D. degrees. Relative to services, the company maintains a 24/7 customer support department. We called on several occasions at different times and were always able to speak with a representative. We were referred to the FAQ link on several occasions when a support representative was unable to answer our questions. We were also able to communicate with our writer, although it was through a messaging system, and responses from that individual were minimal and in short phrases. Payment methods are standard for the industry, and the payment process is through an SSL-secure third party. Customers may use credit cards, wire transfers or PayPal. Step 4: Prices prices are about average for the industry. A basic high school essay with a 7-day deadline is $12.90/page. These prices escalate as the academic level rises and the deadline requirements are shorter. The top charge for Ph.D. writing is $49.00/page. Our 8-page college research paper was $151.20.     Step 5: Additional Features and Discounts Free offerings include title and bibliography pages, revisions within the policy guidelines, and formatting. Free email delivery is listed as a $10 benefit, which we found strange, since all email is free. Customers may choose to pay extra for a plagiarism report, and editor to review what the writer has produced, or a higher level writer. Relative to any CoolEssay discount, we had to really search to locate any information. We did find a footer page link which explained that there was not standard discount plan. However, the company does state that it offers special sales and offers on its site, and that coupon codes were issued for those. We could find no current sales. As well, the company states that it is up to the customer to contact the support department and request a discount, if s/he wished one. Further down on the page, the reward for anyone reading that far was a 7% discount with a CoolEssay promo code provided. Our CoolEssay reviews do compare such things as discounts with other services. It appears that the information about discounts is very sketchy and hidden in a footer page in very tiny print. Other companies make their discount policies links far more prominent. Overall, this company is a bit of a disappointment. When we compare our Cool Essay ratings in every category, other companies surpass in both quality and services, and many are a bit cheaper with automatic discounts. Essay Writing Service Review is a newcomer to the field of essay writing services. It has a fresh, modern, clean website which is well thought out and executed nicely. The features are easy to see, and navigation between all of the pages and options is easy, seamless and fast with drop-down menus appearing automatically on a click rather than having to search for the relevant links. 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In time, we feel sure that essaysupply review notices and essaysupply testimonials will come flooding in. This is different – this will fly …