Human Question: Blog Post – First Draft Assignment

Human Rights Description You will write and publish a short blog post (750 words), analyzing one (1) of the performances from the list below. Your Blog Post must directly engage and cite from course readings and materials (key words, theories/theorists, ideas, themes, conversations). Builds interest around a clear idea-argument, by showing significance/impact/stakes Writes clear and detailed descriptions, using performance terminology Focuses on key details/evidence; studies larger contexts Engages course readings and materials (key terms, ideas, topics, theorists, theories, conversations) Develops a thoughtful critical analysis, with attention to how power structures operate: considers multiple, hidden and conflicting meanings; discusses political/social/cultural conflicts over meaning, who is involved in the conflict and why; what are the different stakes/consequences/impact for different groups? Demonstrates a self-reflective approach, by considering writer’s own social location and personal stakes that may influence perception and ideas Communicates appropriately and clearly (spell check, format, etc.) to popular audience (slang and colloquial language are optional)