Information Technology Question: Internet usage policy ( security policy) Assignment

Information Technology Description 1. Write in a straightforward style. 2. Try to avoid long or complex sentence structures. 3. Briefly define or explain all technical terms that may be unfamiliar to readers. 4. Explain all acronyms the first time they are used in your text – e.g., “Smart Internet Technology Cooperative Research Centre (SIT-CRC)”. 5. Max limit 2000 words 6. Tonight 12 p.m is the deadline

Information Technology Question: I need help completing my Netlabs!!! Assignment

Information Technology Description I have 11 Lab Forms that I need help completing. All of the labs have the same 6 generic questions to research from each lab. My assignment is due within the next 21 hrs by May 17th by 8pm Pacific Time Zone. I am looking to hire the best qualified writer that has excellent research skills and writing experience ASAP!!! Is there anyone up for the Challenge???