Physics Question: what were the problems facing the nation in April 1865? As well as 5 more topics for the same essay Assignment

Physics Description I need an 8 page essay. what were the major problems facing the nation in April 1865? What factors stood in the way of a solution to those problems? Describe the plans for Reconstuction offered by Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, and Congress. What was the goal of each plan? How did each plan propose to accomplish it’s goal? What problems did blacks in the South face after emancipation? What attempts did the government make to solve these problems? How was the contested election of 1876 decided? Describe the political,racial, and sectional effects of the decision. Discuss the nature of intransigence in the South after the Civil War. How did this intransigence affect moderate Republicans in Congress? Explain the Fourteenth Amendment and how it was received throughout the country.