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Read Review Visit Site is an academic writing and advisory services website that offers affordable solutions to a variety of student research, homework and assignment needs. is an established site with a reputation for providing quality academic writing and advisory services to students. Here, quality matters, and you get to pay less for more. Getting a simple a site that offers affordable but high-quality academic writing is difficult, but Essayyard offers just that. For students who seek to spend less for high value, Essayyard is your best bet. What makes Essayyard stand out from other academic writing sites?

Simple Site, Easy Ordering Process

Ordering on Essayyard is easy and takes a few minutes. If you are new to the site, simply enter your email in the form and you get signed up and ready to place your order.

Fill out the order form and wait a few moments for tutors to bid on your job. Select the best bid by evaluating both the tutor’s bid and reputation, a handy feature that is not found on other sites in the same niche.


Another good thing you will notice about Essayyard’ ordering process, unlike on other sites, is that the company does not require you to pay upfront. You only deposit money in your account after you have received bids and found the right tutor to work on your paper. If you want to have the tutor assigned directly, you simply choose to let Essayyard assign a top tutor for you automatically.

With this company, you only release money to the writer after you have received and approved the completed work. Otherwise the total amount you deposited in your account remains available to you.


Prices on start from $6, making one of the most affordable academic writing and advisory sites on the entire Web. For most, if not all, students, pricing is a very important factor when considering the right academic writing service. Essayyard appears to understand this need and the site’s pricing is student-friendly. From just $6 a page, you get more than just a flawless paper.


Quality is the competitive dimension that has helped Essayyard build its reputation and more so a leading one-stop website for students who need help in completing their projects. With a quality assurance department whose mission is to ensure all clients are satisfied, Essayyard delivers beyond expectations. Each job is double-checked for quality and exactness to ensure the student receives an A+ paper that is high quality, free of plagiarism, custom and confidential. They have a no-risk model that ensures students receive work that expertly-tailored to their needs.



Support is an important element of any company, and Essayyard has one of the best support teams to attend to its clients. The company’s support operates 24/7, which means you always have a way to contact the customer support and have your issue resolved in a timely manner.

Reliability and Getting Your Finished Paper

Once you have placed your order and a writer assigned to it, your work is in good hands. You receive notifications straight to your email when a tutor sends you a message or a file. Essayyard lets its clients mark the work as complete and release payment only after approving it. Accordingly, the service is risk-free and you get free unlimited revisions if necessary. Once your paper is finished, you get a notification via email, log in to your dashboard and download the paper.

Here is a glimpse of what you get from service and why it remains our top recommendation:

  • Affordable
  • Expert tutors
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Risk-free
  • Excellent support
  • Confidential
  • Plagiarism-free

The company offers the following services:

  • Dissertation Help
  • Thesis Help
  • Term paper Project Help
  • Accounting Assignment and Project Help
  • Accounting and Finance Assignment and Project Help
  • Actuarial Science Assignment and Project Help
  • Algebra Assignment and Project Help
  • American Law Assignment and Project Help
  • American Literature Assignment and Project Help
  • American Civil Rights Assignment and Project Help
  • Anthropology Assignment and Project Help
  • Art Assignment and Project Help
  • Biology Assignment and Project Help
  • Business Assignment and Project Help
  • Business Management Assignment and Project Help
  • Business Mathematics and Statistics Assignment and Project Help
  • Business Studies Assignment and Project Help
  • Civil Rights Assignment and Project Help
  • Civil Society Assignment and Project Help
  • Computer science Assignment and Project Help
  • Culture Assignment and Project Help
  • Economic History Assignment and Project Help
  • Economics Assignment and Project Help
  • Employment Relations Assignment and Project Help
  • Environment Assignment and Project Help
  • Econometrics Assignment and Project Help
  • Finance Assignment and Project Help
  • Geography Assignment and Project Help
  • Gerontology Assignment and Project Help
  • Government (Politics) Assignment and Project Help
  • Government Studies Assignment and Project Help
  • History Assignment and Project Help
  • HR Management Assignment and Project Help
  • International History Assignment and Project Help
  • International Relations Assignment and Project Help
  • Language Studies Assignment and Project Help
  • Law Assignment and Project Help
  • Literature Assignment and Project Help
  • Economic History Assignment and Project Help
  • Economics Assignment and Project Help
  • Employment Relations Assignment and Project Help
  • Environment Assignment and Project Help
  • Econometrics Assignment and Project Help
  • Philosophy Assignment and Project Help
  • Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method Assignment and Project Help
  • Physics Assignment and Project Help
  • Programming Assignment and Project Help
  • Psychology Assignment and Project Help
  • Religion Assignment and Project Help
  • Social Policy Assignment and Project Help
  • Social Psychology Assignment and Project Help
  • Sociology Assignment and Project Help
  • Statistics Assignment and Project Help
  • Telecommunications Assignment and Project Help

Visit Essay Writing Service Review is a custom writing service where you can order a paper written from scratch or have your own proofread and edited. The also provide help with admission essays. The prices are affordable. The benefits of the service are professional writers and multiple guarantees. According to statistics of a seasoned agency with 10 years of track record (for some obvious reasons we cannot disclose names),  the number of recurring customers is barely equals 14%. Those who understand it, know that quality of digital presence is crucial for the business. The first time you get acquainted with the customer means almost everything and savvy companies understand that investing money in digital presence is not about extra efforts and services, but about keeping afloat. represents the legion of those who bet on quality and catchy style – both as for digital presence and services.Unlike a good number of its competitors, Essaypedia is all about style and creativity. The website looks perfectly across a variety of devices, and the interaction experience is excellent. When you land at the website you know exactly what to do – the structure is quite user-friendly and easy to comprehend.Calculating the price was traditionally one of the main embarrassing things that prevented thousands of potential customers from pulling the trigger. While the quote is being prepared so much can happen… but this is where you almost exactly know the price you’ll have to pay. Take advantage of a nice app to calculate your work, and although discrepancies are possible, finding out a very close to realistic price is a matter of seconds.The price range for for the services starts from $22 per page of academic or business writing job. Ouch… that’s not cheap, right? Although, the offer is priced at somewhat above average level, the quality compensates its all. Even the most affordable, ‘undergraduate’ executors demonstrate nice results – we’ve ordered two pieces of work on economics are united in our opinions – the quality leaves nothing to be desired. The work was provided 5 hours before the deadline, while the ‘test’ corrections were processed within another 2 hours.As for the difference between the 3 levels – it’s not that crucial, you pay $30 and $28 per page for less ‘advanced’ offers. The 30 pages manuscript by bachelor and professional is just $60 difference, which is a little bit weird for those looking to enjoy more professional approach and save money (hopefully, it’s not a part of marketing strategy, but the result of inner business processes optimization).So our review votes yes? Well, it instills confidence and seems to have stunning reputation – the things so many people are looking for when the time is pushing them hard. Before you part with your hard-earned money, you can check a bunch of samples and see what people say in testimonials section.Established in 2011, with heaps of features, such as live chat, ‘call me back’ and order tracking (it updates the status of your order almost in real time), a wide selection of options and even a money back guarantee looks like all-inclusive for those looking for quality writing assistance. Essay Writing Service Review is a custom writing service that can assist students with all kinds of writing assignments. It has average prices and offers a loyalty program with additional discounts for returning clients. The writers have a broad experience in crafting papers of different levels of difficulty and deliver good results. Looking for a mixture of quality and price in writing works? Drop in at– the right place to order your best writing works, a synergy of fair pricing model and profesionalism. Starting from $9.97 per page and packed with a nice set of benefits, the platform seems to be a stunning option for those looking for quality, and probably the time. So what trump cards do these guys have?Perhaps, the most significant thing about the platform is the offer itself – loaded with a huge amount of features it really stands out against the background of competition. The options for getting in touch are many – you can contact the customer reps via Skype, toll-free phone, email or take advantage of a ‘call me back’ feature (we gave this one a try and worked, pretty fast – it took 5 minutes to hear from Annette, support team member). In addition, you can make use of ‘chat now’ on-site app. A quality guarantee (according to the service, all the papers are written by native speakers and satisfaction guarantee is reaching 100%) is backed by a refund program. But stay sharp – there is plenty of ins and outs, so read the agreement carefully before you part with your dollars; thus, e.g. there even if your deadline is missed, you not necessarily get 100% refund.As for the starting price, $9.97, honestly, it’s a bargain. Really, the pricing is going through the floor and it seems like something having in common with the real world – after all, the company was established on the crest of a wave of such services back in 2009. However, you won’t be able to calculate the price very quickly – the on-site calculator is a little bit weird, so it is highly likely you will have to play with numbers manually. The pricing page says you get an extra 5% or even 10% discount if your order exceeds $500 or $1,000 accordingly, which is good and not at the same time. Of course, you save your money, but why not advertise the juicy discount clearly? Hopefully, this is something that is calculated at checkout promises to protect your privacy and maintain confidentiality of all the data you deal with through SSL encryption and McAffee Site Advisor. The company also boasts a Trust Guard certificate and a good number of payment options, which is also a mark of trustworthiness.From the interface prospects the platform doesn’t look extraordinary – you deal with a quite average website with a pretty clear structure. Placing your order is all about 3 quick steps, once your order is approved, a customer representative reaches you via email in about 10 minutes (after all, that was the time during our test order). In our case the deadline was met in strict accordance with the contract – the file was emailed 15 minutes before the agreed time. Essay Writing Service Review

What does your personal statement must have to impress the admissions committee? Who can give you the best advice? Well, it depends on many factors. But the most important task is to find the custom writing service that won’t give you the worst possible tips and spoil your student dreams.This review will help you to understand if it’s the service you’d want to use or ignore.Everybody knows it’s crucial to meet the deadline of submitting your personal statement. That is why you need to choose a service that can guarantee timely delivery. makes this promise to its clients. The testimonials on the website show that the previous clients received their papers on time, so there’s a high probability you’ll do as well.Although some of the services promise you to deliver a top-quality paper at a low price, it’s rarely the case. Good quality products and services cost a lot. That is why this service tries to make it clear for the clients that although the prices are quite high, the quality is as well. We can’t be sure if it’s true or not but tend to believe these guys.It’s very good that this resource provides its clients with free samples of the academic papers. It makes it much easier for any student having doubts in terms of the quality of papers he/she might receive to make the right decision. You can look through those samples and decide whether you find them good enough for placing an order with – Essay Writing Service Review

The greatest benefit of custom writing services that offer help with all kind of writing assignments is the low level of risk. If you use one for writing an essay and are satisfied with the final result, you won’t need to look for another service for ordering a dissertation, for example.Once you’ve found the service that meets your requirement, you can become its loyal customer. review shows that you can use it for any type of paper you need:If you’re looking for the service that can work under really tight deadlines, is the one you need. The urgency level of your paper can be as extreme as 3 hours, and they still will be able to deliver your paper on time.You can use some of the optional features to increase the quality of your paper (premium quality standard), updates on the status via SMS and set the high priority for your order. You won’t need them for all of your orders, so their great advantage is being optional. For example, when writing a dissertation, it would be nice to have all of the updates on your phone in a timely manner.They have average prices. As always, the price of ever paper depends on the paper type, its urgency level, length and optional features you choose. Because of the high competition on the market, there’s no possibility for online custom writing services to set unreasonably high prices. That is why almost all of them have more or less the same pricing system. So, there will be no surprises for you on this site in terms of their pricing policy. Essay Writing Service Review positions itself as an expert in academic writing. This custom writing service can help you with any type of paper and the writers are ready to cope with even a complex assignment. The prices are average and the quality of services is high. If you want to know more about available online custom writing services, this website will be of great help. You can find all kind of reviews with specific examples. If you can’t find the resource you’re interested in, there’s a possibility to suggest a website for review. This site is a huge database of the custom writing services you can find on the web today. But there are some confusing features we’ve come across while making review. Although, the site is quite useful for students who want to choose the best custom writing service, its positioning is confusing. It’s supposed to be a ‘Blog of academic writing’ as it’s said on the main page. It has to give us some writing tips but instead offers a great number of other sites’ reviews. So, if you’re in search of some valuable tips on improving your writing style, this website is definitely not for you.It’s helpful to read the reviews of other students who’ve used some of the custom writing services before. You can find out more information of the advantages of and disadvantages of each service from your peers. They are non-biased and have no reason to lie to you, unlike some of the paid reviews.This is also a great platform for promoting your own site targeted on students (if you have one). You can contact these guys and place a banner and get some targeted traffic. There are different options of advertisement and you can choose the one that fits your business best. Essay Writing Service Review offers a wide range of writing services. With only on-time delivery and low prices, the service has solid rating among the clients. The papers are original, well-structured and written by English-speaking authors. Anyone can face writing problems, whether it is a dissertation or a rather simple piece of academic writing. These phenomena are oftentimes associated with a lack of time and focus on self-studying rather than complexity of disciplines. This is where writing platforms come to the rescue, providing a wide array of services to make your studying or learning process easier., a representative of a vast legion of such platforms, is one of the many places where you can get effective assistance in a huge variety of fields.At PaperDueNow you can order a piece of writing: from movie reviews to course works and dissertations. The entire process of ordering a paper is narrowed to 3 quick and easy steps that mainly require sharing as many details on the assignment as possible.   The price depends largely on the complexity of the task: thus, a 2-3 pages work on non-sophisticated topic will cost you around $20 – $30, while a diploma project of 20 pages can easily go beyond $500 mark. The timeline is another vital aspect that has a direct impact on price – at PaperDueNow the deadline range varies from 3 hours to 14 days, so the quicker you need your paper written the more you pay. Once your order is processed, the only thing you’ll have to take care of is tracking the progress status and answering questions regarding your paper – the results are oftentimes delivered a couple of hours (or even days) before the deadline. However, you may also request a refund if the deadline is missed. Although the site boasts 100% guarantee, tricky cases are inevitable. So, if it is your case, the least you can do is to return some amount of money you’ve spent.This educational website is widely known among students, many of whom have left their overall positive comments in the corresponding section. Works are crafted by the experienced writers, who have relevant knowledge of core subjects; plus you can choose the level of expertise – from an undergraduate to professional level. Choose from a variety of payment methods: from the most common PayPal and Visa to Discover and JCB. The company protects all the sensitive data via SSL encryption and authorization mechanism (the process that implies verifying identity and significantly reducing the fraud risks). To conclude our review, it should be underlined that such platforms have been gaining the popularity and the trend is expected to keep growing. The platform provides an effective panacea to the most complicated tasks. Such assistance may be regarded as an effective component of self-education, which opens further prospects for independent solution of current and future challenges in the profile area. The platform represents a decent example of an online writing agency – nothing extraordinary, but almost everything you need to get your quality piece of writing on tim Essay Writing Service Review if the place you can get fast and effective help in case you are in the process of getting MA, MBA or Ph.D. degree. They write original papers on any research topic and have qualified experts in many subject areas. The prices are fair and the quality is at a high professional level.So, it’s time to start writing your dissertation and you have no time or energy for it? It means that you’ll consider asking a custom writing service for some help. If so, it’d be good for you to know which one is safe to use. Writing a dissertation is not a simple college assignment, your future career and professional development can depend on it. Read this review to find out if this service is worth trying. There are numerous custom writing services offering fast dissertation help. But it’s better to turn to a service that specializes in the dissertation writing. It means that this service has a lot more qualified writers dedicated to writing your thesis than any other ordinary service offering all kinds of writing services. GuruDissertation has a clear positioning of specializing in dissertations only.Ordering a dissertation online, you are open to a high risk of getting a disappointing result. You can’t be sure your writer will follow all of the instructions and his/her writing skills will meet your expectations. Therefore, it would be of great help to see some samples on the website to take the final decision. But this service doesn’t have this option, although it claims to. When you’re redirected to the samples’ page you see nothing. What a pity!Try contacting the service and asking for some additional information. Ask fro some samples and other details to make sure this is the service you need. Unfortunately, the information available on the website doesn’t seem to be convincing enough for placing an order. – Essay Writing Service Review

While making review and review, we’ve noticed that both of these sites have the same features and offers. Therefore, we’ve combined them into one review. So, what can you expect from them? Well, as usual, you’ll be tempted by professional writers, multiple guarantees and original papers of high quality. Keep reading to know more.It’s obvious that you want to know who will be writing your paper. Can you trust your writer’s professionalism? Answer this question, the guys at Essay Capital state that their writers are native English speakers, have worked for more than 3 years as writers and at least have a Master’s degree (Ph.D. is preferred). These three points make it difficult to have any doubts left in terms of the professional skills of the writers they employ.Almost on every page of the sites you can find a reasonable recommendation to look through some samples of academic papers. In that way, you can define the level of quality and understand what to expect of the paper you order. But, unfortunately, the samples are not there. We’ve looked everywhere and haven’t found any of them. If you’ll be able to find and read them, please, let us know.Using Essay Capital services, you’ll get the following for free:It may seem like not a big of a deal, but still it’s nice to know they value every client and want her to feel comfortable. Essay Writing Service Review is a universal helper for students. They offer the assistance with the generation of ideas for papers, formulation of a specific and clear thesis, making research, and writing a substantial paper. The prices are average on the market and the quality is relatively high.Since essay is the most popular writing assignment all over the world, there’s no surprise in the fact that there are so many essay custom writing services. Each of them promises to deliver the best possible results within the tightest deadlines.Is it true for this one as well? Read our review to find the answer to that question.As any other similar service, offers you the help of only experienced and professional writers. We would gladly believe them if only they had some additional information on this important point. Unfortunately, there’s no ‘Our writers’ section on the website. As to the affordable prices, it’s true but not thrilling at all. Almost all the services have the same pricing policy.The first thing you want to see on the reputable website is the testimonials of the previous clients. It’s always interesting to know what kind of experience did the others have using this custom writing service. Unfortunately, when we were making review there were only 2 comments present there. Either the site is too young to have a wide audience, or not that good and popular. Our advice would be to delete this section until there’s enough of positive (or negative) comments.The support team is something you can be sure of. They are always waiting for your call and will gladly solve all of your problems regarding their service. Making an online service available for the clients 25/7 is indisputably great possibility to submit your paper on time.